The rand has stayed somewhat steady during a largely trouble-free election, however, the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, served up a reality check in his budget speech earlier this year and we’ve braced ourselves for an increase in sin tax, food prices and letâ??s not forget petrol.

But the good people at assure us that there’s no need to slump into a deep depression, because there’s a great way to save money on the things you love, and it’s only a few clicks away.

Cost of CD in store or online compared

“We did the math and looked at what it costs to buy a new CD in a store in a mall versus online and the results were interesting,” says Kirby Gordon, head of brand and communications at “Many people worry about the cost of having something delivered, but when you add up your time, fuel and parking you fast realise that it’s actually cheaper to buy something online.â?

Buying a Now 66 CD at the local mall costs over R220 in Cape Town and Jozi

The CD only makes up R149,95 of that, which means that the actual act of getting in your car and heading over to buy the disk adds more than R70 to the final tally. This, however excludes that potential coffee or lunch!

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“Those hidden costs really mount up when you consider the price of fuel and car guards these days. It’s also estimated that the whole exercise takes just over an hour if youâ??re lucky,â? adds Gordon.

27% saving when buying online

The same purchase can be made online, in under three minutes and will cost a grand total on average of R160, including delivery to your home or office. That’s a 27% saving, by buying online as opposed to in-mall. â??Not only was the actual CD thirty bucks cheaper, but the delivery fee and data costs came in at under R36.â?