Did you know that a dirty toaster can be a kitchen fire hazard? The crumbs and debris, combined with the power from the heating element, can be a danger if not properly maintained.

Fortunately, this simple task will take you 10 minutes or less a week:

Be sure to unplug the toaster before you do any cleaning, for your own safety. Start by pulling out the crumb tray and emptying it.

Then give the toaster a gentle tap or two to dislodge crumbs that have fallen into the slots.

A quick dust down with a clean paintbrush or pastry brush is a good idea too. When all debris is removed, give the surfaces a wipe-down with a damp cloth and reassemble.

If it’s a stainless steel unit, finish off by wiping a few drops of baby oil over the outside surfaces for extra shine (and to remove ugly fingerprints).

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With your toaster gleaming fresh and perfectly safe again, you can toast up a storm without worries.