A home that smells fresh is a welcoming one, yet musty smells can build up pretty quickly even if you are conscientious in your cleaning. If you’re noticing an odour, try these simple tricks to banish it for good…

Check for the source

Of course, no amount of odour-busting tricks are going to work if the source of the smell remains.

Trash, the trashcan itself, forgotten leftovers in the fridge, laundry or dishes left in the washer/dishwasher unknowingly, dirty cutting boards or tainted microwaves are common sources of kitchen odours.

Carpets, mattresses, dusty curtains and pet beds may be the culprit in other areas of the house, while a missed spot in the toilet or a hair-clogged drain could be making your bathroom smell unpleasant.

Once you’re sure the source of the odour is gone, you can get serious about soaking up the remaining smell.

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Bicarb cures most smell woes

Commercial air fresheners will cover up a bad odour, but most do nothing to actually remove it from the air. Here bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda, but not to be confused with baking powder, which is different) is your friend.

Rather than disguising the smell, it will actively soak it up. You can then dispose of the powder (and the smell) for good.

If you need to clear up the air in the fridge, trash can or a cupboard, simply open a box and leave it in there.

For ambient smells in a room, you can pop a thick layer in a bowl and change it regularly.

For furnishings, upholstery, mattresses and pet beds, sprinkle on a generous layer and leave for an hour or two before vacuuming it up. Your odour woes will soon be a thing of the past!