Jenni Rivett, who worked as a personal trainer for the late Princess Diana,  made headlines this week after deciding to auction the royal’s famous sweater

It has been over two decades since Diana died in a tragic car accident, although the memory of her legacy is as fresh as ever for many of her fans and followers.

Those who she touched with her grace and generosity still speak of the ‘People’s Princess’ with fondness and respect, and it goes without saying that many people around the world would pay top dollars to pocket any of her remaining mementos.

This is exactly what Jenni is banking on after deciding to part ways with one of the late Diana’s sweatshirts which has been famously photographed dozens of times.


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According to Jenni, Diana chose to wear the Fly Atlantic sweater whenever she worked out because she was tired of the media speculation that always surrounded her outfit choices

Diana had a fabulous collection of sweaters but the Fly Atlantic gym top (on the far right in the picture below) was one of her most recognisable:

And now, after 20 years of safe keeping, Jenni is offering it to a new owner. She says that the reason behind it is, “it was sitting in my wardrobe gathering dust, and I felt it deserved a better home”.

But more importantly she wants to use the funds to help a family from Malawi

She says that the family, with whom she keeps in close contact, “really need help. Nothing more, nothing less. I know Princess Diana would support my decision. I have a special bond with this family from Malawi”.

Speaking to People magazine, Jenni also shared the incredible story of how she came to be Princess Diana’s trainer.

She reveals her shock when she received the call back in 1990. “Truly, a big moment in my life, especially being South African, was receiving a phone call from the butler to HRH The Princess of Wales asking if I could come and see her! And it was to be a seven-year relationship until her untimely death in 1997.”

The sweater, one of her last gifts from the Princess of Wales, will hope to fetch anything close to $5,000 in order to help the Malawian family in need.

Would you bid close to R70 000 for this priceless souvenir?