When you think Bonang, you probably think pink, bling and Champagne darling! From what she’s allowed her fans to see of her home, she’s managed to keep it classy, practical and unmistakably Bonang.

Forget the dollhouse you may have imagined our own Queen B living in, Bonang has created a chic, stylish and sophisticated retreat for herself right here in Joburg and we are definitely stealing some of her home décor style.

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Be just a little sentimental

Although Bonang’s home is minimalistic, there are still plenty of personal touches that give the things and people that are important to her pride of place. Printing photos in black and white gives them a uniform quality and makes it easy to style your memories and display them tastefully without disrupting the decorative flow of your house.

Bonang has put her favourite magazine covers (with herself on the front of course) on the wall in her stairway. This is an awesome idea and works equally well with family photos, if you don’t have any magazine covers to display.

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Plastic can be fantastic

When you think of plastic chairs, often the thought that first comes to mind are those tacky hall chairs that may or may not hold your weight.

The best thing about plastic is how versatile it is and our favourite version of the plastic chair is either a Tiffany or round back dining chair like Bonang’s. Transparent chairs complement glass accents around the house and make the room look bigger.

We’re going to follow Bonang’s lead and look at plastic differently – the decorative possibilities are endless.

Be practical, but have a glam room

If you have the space, a room that’s just for you is a must. Whether you want to fill it with designer bags and shoes like Bonang, your favourite books or your prized Lego collection is up to you. If you can’t dedicate a whole room just to you, maybe there’s a corner of a room you can use.

Your home doesn’t have to be standard, in fact, personalising your home makes it more practical. Make space for the things you need, but also the things you like.

Don’t be afraid of muted colour

Bonang is synonymous with bright pink and bling, and while there are accents of both in her home, her furniture and fixtures are surprisingly muted and it works.

Choosing muted colours doesn’t necessarily mean creating a plain and boring space. When the main spaces are neutral, pops of colour around the house are so much more impactful. Plus you don’t have to worry about your house clashing with your outfit on Instagram…

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Keep things clean

Although keeping a clean house is great advice when it comes to décor, keeping your house decluttered is equally important.

Light, neutral floor and wall colours create the illusion of a bigger space. Keeping your furnishings and décor minimalist also adds to a spacious appearance and makes keeping your home clean so much easier.

We love how clear the entryway into Bonang’s home is; aside from it being a prime picture-taking space, it’s also a great space to come home to.

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