If you think that the KonMari approach to clearing up is extreme, join our weekly slow declutter challenge to get rid of just under 10 things a week

Since decluttering is the first step to creating a living room that is always inviting and a great place to relax, here are seven things that you could consider tossing out today…

1.  DVDs

Once you’ve watched them, how likely are you to watch any of those DVDs again?

Sell them (and pocket some cash for decorating) or donate them to your local library where they could be added to a publically accessible DVD collection.

2.  Outdated electronics

Streamline your living room by clearing the visual clutter caused by unnecessary technology.

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VHS machines, DVD players, SD card readers and extra speakers – do you really use and need all these devices?

Most new TVs have a great sound – so you don’t need extra speakers – and with an HDMI cable, you can connect your TV screen to your laptop to watch DVDs instead of using a DVD player.

3.  Old novels or magazines

Like your DVD collection, give your collection of books or magazines a trim by donating the books you have read to your local library and passing on magazines that you haven’t even looked at in months.

4.  Artwork and ornaments

Just because someone you love gave you an ornament or you bought a painting way back when, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it.

Get rid of dust collecting ornaments and any artwork that no longer reflects your style. Remember, you could sell it and use the funds to invest in new pieces that reflect your evolved personal style.

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5. Too many side tables

If you’re not using them regularly, having a number of side tables in your living room could be ruining the flow of the room and making it feel cramped.

6. Too many scatter cushions

Buying new scatter cushions is a treat, but if it’s hard to find a seat on an overly decorated sofa, it’s time to let some go.

7. Kids’ toys

Get the kids to pack their toys away in their own rooms or hide them in cupboards or storage ottomans so that, when the kids are in bed, your living room feels like an adult space again.