Sam Stewart, survivor of breast cancer, an abusive marriage, financial ruin, a failed suicide attempt, body dysmorphia and much more, rises to the top and is back on her feet with purpose

If Oprah Winfrey, Brené Brown and Joan of Arc somehow managed to have a lovechild together, the result would most likely be Cape Town’s Sam Stewart (43), as these women each display some of the remarkable characteristics that Sam has to share with the world; ultimate bravery, survivor of the worst that life can possibly throw your way, and a willingness to be a shining beacon of hope for those who believe there is no escaping the shadows.

Upon hearing her life story, one has to ask how one person is able to make it through the harshest of what life can possibly dish out – and not only survive, but flourish!

She was diagnosed with breast cancer, endured the brutality of an abusive marriage that crushed her self-worth, and lost everything financially that she had worked so hard to achieve. She also battled body dysmorphia, and survived a suicide attempt. All of these shaped who she is today.


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My second badge of honour. I am a survivor. 13 years later. I was given 6 months to live but never believed it🌈

A post shared by Sam Stewart (@supersamstewart) on

The makings of a warrior

Do not for a second think that all that Stewart went through resulted in her becoming weak and mild, as just the opposite is true.

“I honestly don’t know why I was chosen out of all the billions of people to walk this road,” says Stewart.

Do not for a second think that all that Stewart went through resulted in her becoming weak and mild, as just the opposite is true.

“All I know is that I now have a tremendous responsibility to share my life story which others may be able to identify with. By sharing it, I hope to help them find hope again, and find the answers they are looking for.

“There is a global consciousness and shift taking place, which is undeniable, as people from all over the world are searching for far more deeper meanings in things, and also especially a deeper connection with one another… and above all else, answers to life’s questions!”

Battle with health insurance company

Stewart took on her health insurance company when they wouldn’t pay for life-saving medication after her breast cancer diagnosis. She won her case by empowering herself with as much knowledge on the subject as possible.

Finding happiness

“The beauty at the end of everything that I had to go through is that I’m happier now than ever before in my life. I have been rewarded over and over again in so many ways, including now being married to a husband who absolutely adores me, understands my life mission and supports me through everything,” says Stewart.

Stewart, who still proudly walks around with her head permanently shaved (and looks as stunning as ever!), never shies away from sharing pictures of what her chest looks like after having a breast removed as a result of the cancer, concludes: “Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that life is now absolutely perfect and I have the answers to everything. Not at all. I just now know and understand so much more and have the tools for dealing with various obstacles in life’s journey.”

“I promise everyone, there is hope,” she concludes.

Join the conversation with her on social media – Instagram (@SuperSamStewart), and Facebook (Sam Stewart).

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