We all love a good trend, but good trends can get really bad, especially if you take them too far. One of the downsides of living your best life in the spotlight is having the spotlight on ALL your fashion mistakes.

Some of our favourite celebrities have made the worst of our favourite trends and we simply have to share these cringe-worthy moments.

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Michelle reigns herself in

While many fans reacted positively to this look, fans are sometimes just blinded by love. Aside from a little too much glitter, Michelle Williams is literally wearing a harness. There’s nothing wrong with a little decorative chain, but this just looks dangerous.

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Cardi B does the most as usual

Accentuating your curves and enhancing your hourglass figure is a trend we have bought into. Cardi-B is no stranger to the plastic surgery world and is pretty open to giving her looks a surgical boost, but we’re not sure that should extend to clothes. Padded hips over a shirt is taking this trend too far. Hopefully, this starts and ends with this outfit…

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Oops, she did it again… and again

Brittney Spears is near and dear to every ‘90s kid. She was our favourite Mickey Mouse club member; she made it big, dated Justin Timberlake, kissed Madonna and successfully moved from cute child star to sexy songstress (of course with some regrettable hiccups along the way).  Some of those hiccups include a disaster-prone wardrobe and way too many bedsheet-type floral crop tops.

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Images from Britney spears Instagram: @britneyspears

Too much glitter is a real thing

There is a certain level of cool you need to reach before you are referred to by your first, middle and last name in casual conversation. Sarah Jessica Parker has reached that level and there are few people who can match her eclectic style and pull off the slightly outrageous as well as she does.

But we think these sparkly block heel court shoes are a step too far. If you disagree and think that these diamond versions of Dorothy’s ruby slippers are something you’re into, well SJP has them in her online collection.

All hail the queen

If over-the-top was a kingdom, Queen Kim Kardashian would reign supreme.

There are countless examples of how Kim K has turned fashion on its head with strokes of genius and some terribly unfortunate outfits. This nearly naked two-piece has taken the nude trend somewhere we don’t want to go.