Whose wedding is it again?

Planning a wedding is exciting – but it’s no easy feat.

Throw in some troublemakers, and you might feel that you would have been better off had you eloped…

Yup, we’re talking about the high-maintenance bridesmaid, the pushy mother-in-law and the ‘my way or the high way’ wedding guest.

Sound familiar? Here’s how to deal with them…

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1. The high-maintenance bridesmaid

She’s your best friend…

But quite frankly, the worst bridesmaid.

Instead of following your lead, she kicks up a fuss about everything; from your wedding date choice, to her bridesmaid’s dress.

Plus she’s not interested in fulfilling any of the bridesmaids’ ‘duties’ that you have set out – nor is she interested in playing nice with the other bridesmaids!

Of course, you don’t want to lose your best friend over something as silly as a dress – so you might have to talk through any underlying issues (like jealousy or fear that she might lose you once you’re married) that could be causing her unhelpful behaviour.

But, when it comes to the other stuff; remind your friend that this is your special day, and that while you would love for her to stand alongside you, you have no problem asking her to step down and just be a guest.

2. The pushy mother-in-law

First she told you that you shouldn’t wear white because it wouldn’t match your skin tone, and then she invited a whole bunch of people you don’t know to your wedding – because “it’s courtesy”.

Even the sweetest mother-in-laws are known to become pushy, judge-y and overly opinionated during the wedding planning process

Uhm, whose wedding is it again?

Even the sweetest mother-in-laws are known to become pushy, judge-y and overly opinionated during the wedding planning process.

Now, you don’t want to cause bad blood with your future hubby’s mom before you even say “I do”, so you’ll need to tread lightly and respectfully (especially if she is contributing financially to the wedding) with this one…

Why not re-direct her energy by asking her take care of one of the things on your to-do list; like DIY-ing the wedding favours?

The busier she is, the less likely she’ll stick her nose where it doesn’t belong.

3. The ‘my way or the highway’ wedding guest

“Are my children welcome?”

“Can I bring a plus one?”

“Is there a vegan menu option?”

There’s always that one guest, who carries on like they’re the only guest.

The ‘my way or the highway’ wedding guest is not shy to make demands – and make you feel like the worst family member or friend if you don’t give in to said demands!

The best way to deal with this type of wedding ‘hijacker’, is to have an open and honest conversation with them…

Explain why you have chosen not to invite children to your wedding, how budget constraints have forced you to limit plus ones and how every effort will be made to ensure variety in your wedding day menu.

If he or she still decides to boycott your special day, then that’s on them – not you!