Setting up home for the first time and not sure what you will really need? Here’s our quick guide to cleaning products no home should be without…

Basic cleaners

While you certainly can opt for a speciality cleaner for every room and surface, there’s a few basic cleaners that will cover most occasions.

Be sure to stock up on a cream-style cleaner (Handy Andy/Jif) for bathroom and kitchen surfaces like enamel and tile.

Dish soap is an essential in the kitchen, and diluted can actually clean most other surfaces (including tile floors) efficiently too.

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A washing detergent of your choice for laundry and soft furnishings is a must. Add a special toilet bowl cleaner and a basic bleach to the list, too, for cleaning where germ-busting is also a must.

Don’t forget dishwashing tablets if you use a dishwasher. Add a few anti-bacterial surface wipes to the list for easy cleanup in the kitchen and bathroom.

Many basic cleaning and dusting tasks can also be handled with a damp microfiber cloth or mop, so be sure to stock up on these essential tools.

DIY cleaners no home should do without

Whether you’re trying to cut down on commercial cleaners, reduce your packaging waste or just want a simple, multi-purpose cleaning solution that’s friendly on the nose and skin, add some DIY staples to the list too. White spirit vinegar and lemon juice are both versatile, efficient and hygienic cleaners no home should be without. You can even use vinegar to soften clothes as a replacement for fabric conditioner!

Special care surfaces

Some home surfaces do need a little extra TLC. Wood should always be dusted with a damp cloth. Any further cleaning power can be handled with a wood polish or a few drops of non-vegetable oil. The same goes for wood or laminate floors, which will benefit from careful care with a microfiber ‘pad style’ mop.

A vacuum will handle most soft furnishings and carpets. Granite or stone countertops will also need special care products.

Glass-specific cleaners are available, but for simple, streak-free glassware vinegar, isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits with a little elbow-grease still wins the day.

With these basics in your home, you’ll find you need little else to keep things clean.