The live action remake of Disney’s The Lion King will be premiering in South Africa in the next few days

While plenty of African countries claim ownership of the Disney story, South African fans of the film, which originally premiered in 1994, might have a stronger argument than most for being excited about the upcoming remake.

With South Africans in the cast and on the soundtrack, we are all eagerly awaiting the release of one of Disney’s most successful stories ever.

Here are a few reasons why Mzansi is excited for the 2019 edition of The Lion King

Dr John Kani is making us proud once again

Dr Kani’s portfolio of work grows more impressive by the year but we never stop beaming with pride when his name appears in the credits of yet another international film.

John will be voicing the character of Rafiki in The Lion King.

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It’s a ‘proudly South African’ production

Musician and playwright, Lebo M, proudly described The Lion King as “…the most South African a product can be, at the highest level”.

With our language, music and culture influencing much of the storyline, we can’t argue!

Speaking of Lebo M…

Lebo M IS The Lion King. He has single-handedly influenced the international production of the play over a number of decades.

He also has a special song with the one and only Beyoncé Knowles, that will be appearing on the soundtrack.