Every mom needs a village, a tribe, if you will…

They say friendship is as important to our well-being as eating right and exercising – and this doesn’t change when you become a mom.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say, that you need friends now more than ever.

From play dates, to babysitting trade-offs, sharing of resources and emotional support, every mom needs a village, a tribe, if you will…

Fellow moms that you can laugh with when you find yourself knee-deep in toddler tantrums, and true friends that you can lean on, should parenting and life get hard.

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Here are five types of mom friends you should seek out:

1. The ‘everything needs to be organic’ mom

This mom is passionate and knowledgeable about all things natural, organic and plant-based.

She’ll remind you that breastfeeding is best, home-made baby puree is better than store-bought, meat-free Monday is a thing and that parabens is a big no-no!

While you probably won’t follow all her advice, she’ll inspire you to become a more conscious parent – which is definitely something all moms can strive towards!

Friendship is as important to our well-being as eating right and exercising – and this doesn’t change when you become a mom

2. The unfiltered mom

Let’s be real, motherhood isn’t easy. And, it doesn’t help sugar coating it.

Sometimes you need an honest opinion or a jerk back to reality – which is exactly what the unfiltered mom will give you.

At times, her opinions and advice might be a bitter pill to swallow, but at the end of the day, you will benefit from having someone ‘say it like it is’ as you navigate your parenting journey.

3. The ‘anything goes’ mom

True to her name, when it comes to this type of mom-friend, ‘anything goes’…

She follows her children’s lead, and is more concerned about their happiness and making it through the day; than with milestones, sleep schedules and sticking to a rigid routine.

This mom will encourage you to go easy on yourself – and to chase happiness, not perfection, when it comes to raising your children.

4. The ‘been there, done that’ mom

This mom’s been through the trenches of parenthood. She’s breastfed, potty trained, dealt with school stuff and survived a teenager or two!

She ‘gets’ it, and as she talks you through parenting’s ups and downs, she will be sure to remind you to take it all in, because it really does pass by in the blink of an eye!

5. The online mom

Parenting is a full-time job. And no, we don’t mean eight to four. Or, even nine to five. It’s literally a 24/7 – 365 gig, that leaves little room for anything else; like hanging out with friends (or, er shaving our legs).

The online mom gets that, and is dead-happy to just chit-chat with you online or over Whatsapp.

She’s the low-maintenance kind of friend that you can message when you have a gap, take days to respond to and never feel any pressure to meet up with in real life.

Whether you find these five types of mom friends at your ante-natal class, local baby group, school drop-off or even on social media is irrelevant…

What’s important is, that you find them.

And, when you do, that you hold onto them.