Consider buying snacks that need to be refrigerated and not stored in the cupboard.

The odds are (but not necessarily) that you will be buying healthier food options in this way. Think about it for a second.

Not many processed foods need to be refrigerated as they generally tend to have a long shelf life. These foods can include potato chips, chocolates, canned foods, cereals, etc. If you take a closer look at the food label, you will notice that they contain more preservatives and additives that the foods that need to be refrigerated.

Similarly, take a look at the food label on refrigerated foods. Some of these foods may occur in their natural form such as fresh fruit and vegetables. These foods tend to have a shorter shelf life, if at all, and would therefore need to be refrigerated. Yoghurt and cheese for example need to be refrigerated immediately whilst fruit may be kept on the counter for a day or two before requiring refrigeration.

No fixed rules

There are of course some foods and snacks that are contrary to this theory. For example, nuts are healthy but do not need to be refrigerated. Similarly, refined meat products may contain loads of preservatives, flavourants and other additives, however they require refrigeration at all times.

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Read food labels

Pay closer attention to the types of foods that you buy. Read food labels and know what ingredients are in the foods that you eat. Your health and weight is in your hands!