If you are going away for a few hours, doing this can help you to keep the weight down.

Consider always taking a healthy snack with you wherever you go. In this way you will ensure that you have some nutritious food to nibble on when hunger starts to appear and you do not have to worry about piling on the weight!

Fresh fruit is always the simplest and most convenient healthy snack to take along with you. All they need is a good wash and you’re all set to go. Bananas in particular are even easier as they do not need to be washed and are easy to peel.

Other snack options

If you have time, you can chop the fruit or even prepare a little combination of fruit and some vegetables to take along with you. Berries and carrots make wonderful options. Other healthy snack options include nuts, trail mix or even little tubs of plain yoghurt.

Taking your very own healthy snacks with you will prevent you from buying unhealthy food options. Unhealthy and junk foods are usually higher in calories. Indulging in these foods can often prevent you from reaching your weight-loss targets timeously.

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You could even pre-package some types of healthy snacks and leave them in your office desk or in your car. Ensure that they are airtight to help seal in freshness. Nuts, raisins, dried fruit and even biltong can be kept in this way.

See a dietitian

If you need help in creating a diet plan of healthy and balanced meals or snacks, seek the help of a dietitian.

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