While dealing with roof issues is no one’s favourite DIY task, it’s also a critical one. Roofs are expensive to replace, but a little DIY upkeep can keep yours looking good for a long time.

With winter being the dry season in most of the country, now is a great time to check your roof

Roof problems can be tricky to detect without a visual inspection once or twice a year. If you have recently noticed any issues on your ceiling, however – unexplained darkening or spots, warped panels and such – this could indicate that there’s something going wrong.

Ceiling stains are often a sign of a leaking pipe inside the roof, or an area where the rain is getting in. This can lead to mould, as well as expensive fixes, so if you notice a problem be sure to take some proactive steps to sniff out what’s going on.

Likewise, after periods of bad weather it’s always a good idea to do a quick inspection of your roof. You can do most of this from ground level. Keep an eagle eye out for missing or shifted tiles, as well as any that seem to be cracked, and tackle them ASAP.

If branches or leaves have hit the roof, get them cleared away as soon as possible too. Remember – it’s always cheaper to avoid a problem than fix one!

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Fixing your home’s winter woes

Before spring, you should also take some time to clean out your gutters

Falling winter leaves can soon clog them, and this will lead to water running off the roof poorly. You don’t want water backwashing into the roof!

Of course, if you happen to have a thatched roof there will be more maintenance required than for tile and other roof styles.

A little preventative maintenance is always a great idea. Stave off expensive repair costs, and add some basic roof DIY to your annual checklists. You won’t be sorry!