Garages are an extension of our home – but we rarely see them as such. A dirty, cluttered garage could be having a knock-on effect on the cleanliness of your house, too, so it may be time for a garage clean-out…

Dust, dirt and debris get into our garages very easily. From ill-fitting doors not creating a full seal, right through to us leaving the doors open, it’s easy for the wind to blow in dust and leaves.

Most of us store a lot of stuff we don’t often need in the garages, too, which then act as dust traps. Now add in the inevitable grime from car and motorbike/bicycle wheels, and you’ll understand how quickly it can get dirty in there.

Every day, we park our vehicles, lock up, and walk into the house

Or maybe you even keep your larger appliances for laundry in the garage as a convenience. Meanwhile, our shoes, hands and clothes are picking up all that dust and dirt (and maybe some oil too) and bringing it into the house with us.

Cut down on some of this dust transference by scheduling a regular garage clean into your life. It’s pretty easy to sweep the area (or use a garden blower) at least once a month, and you may be surprised at how much dirt doesn’t make its way into your home as a result.

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