With the ‘windy season’ coming up soon, you’re probably starting to get worried about dust in the home. Not only does it make cleaning an extra chore, but it can adversely impact allergy sufferers too.

Try these four neat tricks to cut down on the dust and keep your home’s air fresher too…

Use a mat

A doormat is a surprisingly useful tool when it comes to preventing loose dirt and dust getting dragged into the home. Invest in a funky mat that showcases your style, and be sure to beat it out once or twice a month to keep it working for you.

Clean your filters

From the air conditioner to the vacuum, many things in the home have dust-catching filters. We often forget to clean them out, however, and they soon stop working efficiently. Add a filter check to your quarterly chore list, and make sure everything is working efficiently for you.

Be sure to clean your ceiling and stand fans regularly, too, so the blades don’t send dust into the air.

Close the windows and doors

Make sure windows and doors seal properly to keep dust where it belongs – outdoors. Don’t forget to shut windows and doors in rooms you aren’t using, too. Not only will it keep dust at bay, but it’s safer too.

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Control humidity

Dry air and too-moist air can both impact the quality of air in your home. If you tend to be in a dry area, running a humidifier can help improve breathing comfort and control some dust too. Be sure not to get too humid, though, as that can promote bacteria and fungus in the air. Air humidity between 40%-60% is seen as ideal for most situations.

With these neat tips at hand, you’ll cut down on your dusting and feel better breathing in your home – what’s not to love?