Life with pets is a fulfilling one- but their hair sure doesn’t help you keep a clean home. Here’s a simple trick you can use to axe almost all of your pet hair blues…

It’s probably something you’re already doing, too, so it won’t add to the chore burden. Just like when we brush our own hair, brushing out a pet’s coat is the easiest way to prevent shed hairs all over the home.

The act of brushing stimulates the skin, which helps keep their coat healthier (and less prone to shedding) too. It also catches hairs that have already come loose, but haven’t worked their way onto your carpet or couch just yet.

But one of the most counter-productive things you can do is brush them down inside! By doing so, any dander or loose hair the brush misses, goes straight into your home, and who wants that?

Next time it’s brush day, it’s time to get smart

Take Fido and yourself outside, in a set of old clothes you don’t mind getting fuzzy. Brush them down outside, and let them shake off the last of the loose hair running around when you’re done.

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All that hair and dust that would have otherwise gone into your home will instead be outside, and you can chuck the excess hair straight into the bin. While it probably won’t ensure a hair-free environment, your carpets and soft furnishings will definitely thank you!