If you love to stay on the trendy side of style, your home probably reflects that same urge. Concrete as an actual home design element, rather than something the builders tramped in, is having its moment this year – are you keen to get in on the action?

There was a time when bare concrete in the home smacked of poverty, not style… but a resurgence of the use of raw concrete for fixtures is definitely underway. It’s one of those trends you’ll either love or loathe, but we can see the appeal. It offers clean, crisp lines that are easy to dress up or down, and is certainly easy to keep clean and looking good. Plus, unlike many home decor materials for fixtures and fittings, it can be shaped to fit almost any space with no restrictions.

How’s it being used? As usual with decor, the sky’s the limit. What we’re seeing most of, however, is smooth concrete floors and concrete as a kitchen surface. It has its perks for both!

In our hot African environment, sealed concrete floors provide a very practical way to cut your electricity bill and keep your home cool. Paired with an attractive stain and polished to a soft sheen, it also looks tremendous. In the kitchen, it’s a practical and cheaper alternative to stone or granite countertops. It has most of the same perks, but none of the downsides when it comes to care or delicacy. Cleaning is also pretty simple provided your original seal was well done.

Could you be wooed by the lure of concrete as a design element? While it’s certainly out there in the style world, it’s a trend to watch closely if you have a home or kitchen revamp in your future.

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