We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; you don’t mess with Redi Tlhabi and expect to come away from the encounter unscathed!

The broadcast journalist has one of the sharpest minds in South Africa and is never shy to speak her mind.

Her fearless intellectual commentary has drawn its critics and detractors but Redi has never had an issue with putting a hater (or a group of haters) in their place.

Here are just a few occasions when she demonstrated her ability to bring someone to size using her words, mind and sheer bravado…


When she breastfed her baby on-air

Back in 2014, Redi caused a stir when she chose to breastfeed her own child on live radio.

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Many bewildered critics took to social media to slam her for the act, but she hit back and firmly stood her ground. She reflected on the situation in a recent tweet.

Redi vs Malusi Gigaba

Redi and Malusi Gigaba are not the best of friends and she has had no difficulty in calling out some of his more questionable behaviour in recent years.

Her criticism reached boiling point in 2018 when the then-minister tried to press charges. Redi, who is well-versed on South African law, put him in his place when she reminded him that he didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.