The most glamorous time of the year is upon us and with the 2019 Durban July’s theme of “Stars of Africa” the possibilities for stunning hairdos are endless.

Bad hair can ruin even the most perfect of outfits and turn your Insta-worthy pictures into meme fodder with the flick of an unfortunately positioned camera. Get ready set and go ahead with your bad self with helpful tips for fabulous hair.

Edges on fleek

Dark and Lovely Golden Scissor award winner Matitimane Ndhlovu says good edges are not only a trend, but also a sign of a healthy hairline. Edge control is a great way to keep your hairline tidy without painfully pulling at your edges and possibly receding your hairline. Whether your “Stars of Africa” hairstyle is cornrows, faux locs, braids, a headwrap or a weave, the first step to a fabulous hairstyle is looking after your edges.

One South African celebrity who always has her edges tamed, is award-winning musician Sho Madjozi. (Her hairstylist should probably get an award for those edges too…)

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How to get your edges on fleek

  1. Make sure you ask your hairstylist not to braid the short delicate hair at your hairline (these are your edges).
  2. Keep your hairline and scalp moisturised with a Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Soother and an Afro Moisturizing Butter.
  3. Gently comb your edges and detangle them if necessary.
  4. Apply a pea-sized amount of Mizani edge taming gel on your edges and then brush the hairs sideways so they’re curling toward your hairline.
  5. Cover your hairline edges with a silk headscarf until you are completely ready to go out

When in doubt, ponytail it out

A ponytail is easy to pull off, but it looks chic and elegant if you do it right. If you’re lacking in the hair inspiration department for the Durban July, try a pony. Pearl Thusi’s ponytail is simply perfect and clearly very well moisturised.

Dry, brittle hair can easily become unkempt and will probably slowly get out of hand while you’re out having a good time. Matitimane says that using a range of different moisturisers at different stages of styling is crucial if you want the perfect ponytail.

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How to get the perfect ponytail (even if you have short hair)

  1. Apply Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisturizer on your hair or just dampen your hair by spraying clean cold water all over your head to detangle your hair.
  2. Part your hair at the front either in the middle or on the side, then decide on the placement of your ponytail
  3. Brush or comb your hair in the direction of your pony placement, then tie it back. Don’t worry if your hair is not long enough to be tied back as the styling gel will help flatten any hairs that were left out
  4. Apply a decent amount of Hair Milk Alcohol-Free Gel, then neatly brush your hair back to the ponytail placement. You can also play around with your edges, then dry yyour hair with a blow dryer and a heat cap. If you don’t have a heat cap, just use the blow dryer. Cover your head with a silk headscarf.
  5. Once your hair is dry, apply a ponytail extension according to the on-pack instructions (if you’re using one). Then spray a little L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strength all over your head just for that extra hold.

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