This July is National Savings Month, and 2019’s #CrazyWaysToSave theme is ideal to create awareness of how savings relate directly to women’s future financial independence and HAPPINESS

What ‘a bit weird but works’ savings tools, ways, ideas and habits can women incorporate and add to their lifestyle these days? According to Carla Oberholzer, debt adviser at DebtSafe, women have to make their money work for them. They should, therefore, create and use their own ‘out of the box’ ideas when it comes to their savings ways.

Here are a few, perhaps wacky for some, concepts to consider and look into:

Daily or weekly savings habits

Cut down household expenses

Remember, practice makes perfect. Try things like: running your washing machine only once a week and use the cold-water cycle instead. Or, what about turning off the heater and using extra blankets instead?

Save when it comes to groceries

You to plan your meals, use grocery or shopping lists at all times and do the necessary research to check if a ‘discount’ is really what it claims to be. These habits can save loads of cash in the long run.

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Share transport – join a lift club or carpool to work

Perhaps this is an unheard-of idea for Ms Independent BUT it could surely save fuel costs and can avoid your nerves being shot while driving.



Tough times, extreme savings habits

Say NO to hair & nail salons

Apart from beauty products being expensive, getting a haircut, makeover or nails done at a salon can be quite pricey. You could do your own nails with affordable, yet quality guaranteed, products. Or, consider playing a hair model. Perhaps in extreme savings cases – you could research and watch videos on how to cut your own hair. Or you and a friend could learn to trim/ cut each other’s hair.

Cut those gym costs

What about an exercise routine in the comfort of your own home? Your could use alternative ‘tools’ or ‘equipment’ like steps, couches and chairs, for example, and water bottles as weights.

No shopping splurges

Why not consider the ‘spending freeze’ concept? A spending freeze is essentially a period of time in which someone stops any discretionary spending, often for one or two weeks. Spending freezes are quite popular and can help women to save more money for things like an emergency fund.



‘Unload that debt burden’ savings habits

If women don’t get their debt out of the way, they will surely not be able to put their own ‘out of the box’ savings habits into action.

Here are a few methods to assist you:

You can make use of the avalanche method – start by paying off your highest-interest-rated debt first and then the rest.

What about the snowball method to encourage yourself to pay off debt? You can use this method when you pay off your smallest debt first and move on to the next one.

The combination of the two above methods is called the blizzard effect which is also a good option to try.

And lastly, if you want to protect your assets and are seeking a specific route to fix a serious debt burden – you could consider a regulated process called Debt Review. This is a recommended process to fix debt in a responsible manner and to enable you to start saving in the near future.

Hopefully these above ‘a bit crazy’ ideas have stirred some new creative and unique ways to get your savings going. #NationalSavingsMonth is here and All4Women and DebtSafe encourage all women to start sooner rather than later.