If you’re on a diet and seriously trying to lose some weight, then you’re almost certainly going to the gym…

And if you’re going to the gym, then you’ve likely either heard or read about pre-workout nutrition – the idea that eating before training could aid your performance in the gym.

Here are some things to consider when you are trying to decide what fuels you in the gym.

1.     Pre-workout nutrition CALORIES still count

It’d be really nice to think about pre-workout nutrition as something separate from the rest of your diet, however, if you’re munching three energy bars and a litre of chocolate milk to fuel your workout, then you’re going to need to add those calories to your total for the day.

And that means that you need to plan the rest of your day’s eating accordingly. Just like the crisps you ate while you waited for the meat to cook on the braai, workout assistance meals and supplements need to be counted, but seldom are.

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