Whether you’re looking to save money or want to save the environment, alternative homes could replace traditional brick and cement homes. As the housing needs of families change and the scarcity of affordable housing increases, we all need to consider alternatives.

People all over the world are looking into alternative housing and enjoying homes they never thought they could live in 10 years ago. Are you willing to go alternative?

Wendy houses aren’t just for play

We all know Wendy houses are great, whether they’re used as tool sheds, a playhouse for the kids or a temporary security post, they’re nice to have. But few people consider them as permanent homes.

The cost-saving aspect of living in a Wendy house or timber cottage is obvious, as well as the speed at which they can be erected. Wendy houses can also be mobile; it is possible to move your entire home to a different piece of land on a truck! With heating, electricity and plumbing all possible, you don’t have to give up the conveniences of a modern home to enjoy the simplicity of an old school wooden cabin.

Find out more about the laws and practical implications of living in a wooden house.

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Photo by Eneida Nieves from Pexels

Container house

We’ve seen shops and stores made from storage containers and could soon be seeing more container homes. Shipping containers are sturdy, adaptable and readily available for recycling, upcycling and living in. With the help of a professional, it’s possible to build gorgeous multi-storey buildings and even apartments.

Luckily there are currently quite a few companies constructing and delivering designer container homes in South Africa. A quick Google will give you more options than you know what to do with!

Will container homes take off in SA?
Brisbane container house

Modular house

Modular houses are built off-site and brought on to your land in sections called modules. This is a great idea for growing families to build homes that grow with them without the stress of turning their home into a construction site. Some shipping container homes can be designed as modular homes, allowing you to build the home you want… one module at a time.

Tiny houses

We are all coming to realise that bigger houses are not necessarily better homes. People can make do with smaller houses allowing more people to live on less land. The concept is not a new one, as tiny homes have always existed in some form all around the world, but they’ve recently had a  chic makeover.

The idea of making a choice to live in a smaller home not because you cannot afford a bigger one but simply because you choose to for environmental and social reasons. Living in a smaller space may require you to make some changes to how your family does things, but the possibilities in tiny houses are endless.

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