Whether you’re going glam or looking for an everyday lipstick, all trends point to nude. Although the term ‘nude’ lipstick implies lipstick that looks like no lipstick at all, nude colours are a lot more versatile than that.

We tried four nude matte colours from the Avon True Perfectly Matte lipstick range and learned a few tricks to wearing nude lipstick in just about any shade. Whether you struggle to find a colour in your exact skin tone or just aren’t really sure how to make nude tones work for you, we’ve found ways to rock almost every nude shade we’ve come across.

Tint the colour with lip liner

If you’re thinking of making your own lipstick just so you can get the right shade of nude for your lips, brown lip liner could save you the cost of producing and packaging your own shade. For lipstick shades that are just a few shades lighter than you’d like, lining your lips can make the lipstick look darker.

Line more of your lip from the outside to the parting of your lips to make the colour darker and enhance your lip shape at the same time.

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nude lipstick
Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography from Pexels

The ombre look

Lining your lips does give them a slightly ombre look, and using two different shades of nude lipstick enhances the ombre look, which becomes more dramatic depending on how much contrast there is between the shades.

Use the darker of the two shades on the outside of your lips to make them look bigger. Contrasting your nude lipstick with another matte lipstick is also a great option for a textured ombre lip.

nude lipstick
Photo by Carlos Oratto from Pexels

Add some shine to it

Buying a matte lipstick gives you the option of adding gloss or balm on top, essentially giving you two lipsticks in one.

Adding shine and shimmer to your nude lipstick transforms it completely so that a colour you didn’t think suited your skin tone at first takes on a different look that may complement you or the style you are going for.

nude lipstick
Photo by nappy from Pexels

Go bold

Nude lipstick can be muted, but if you choose a colour that’s darker than your skin tone it can also be bold.

Using a nude shade as a bold lip colour is a completely different look and can work just as well as lighter tones. Test out different nude shades to find one that complements your skin tone and work it.

nude lipstick
Photo by Renato Abati from Pexels

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