After 25 years in the spotlight, Thembi Seete still appears on the lists of the most stylish South African celebrities.

From her blonde box braids to the stylish pantsuits she’s wearing lately, Thembi has definitely secured her place in South Africa’s fashion hall of fame.

In the 90s little girls across South Africa were caught in a Boomshaka frenzy. Hairstyles were box braids and goddess ponytails, blonde braids and if you were really bold, red or silver curls. Kwaito was the soundtrack of many childhoods and Thembi Seete has been a fashion idol for many of us since then. Thembi’s style may have changed drastically, but her pioneering fashion sense keeps her on the list of South Africa’s most fashionable celebrities.

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She’s the original fashion and beauty influencer

As part of the popular music outfit Boomshaka, Thembi never went with the times, she changed the times. Her style influenced trends across music, fashion and beauty. Admit it, we all had a Boomshaka phase.

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She has no age

It’s impossible to tell Thembi’s age just by looking at her or the way she dresses. At 42, Thembi has certainly found the fountain of youth and is taking full advantage of her endless youth and continues to set trends and look absolutely gorgeous wearing whatever she wants.

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You can’t pin her style down

With Thembi you can expect the unexpected. There’s no predicting what look she’ll go for next, but elegance and style are always a given. After 25 years of watching Thembi’s style as she transformed and adapted to the different chapters of her life, it’s still impossible to predict what she’ll wear, and we don’t need to! All we know is we want it too.

She doesn’t compromise on style

Through her very private pregnancy and as a working mom you’d expect some off days from Thembi. Well, if she’s had them we’ve never seen them. Thembi’s fashion sense is consistently enviable. She has to be on the best dressed and most stylish lists no matter what she’s doing and how busy she is.

She isn’t afraid of taking fashion to the extreme

You’d be forgiven for thinking Thembi is wearing a visor really low on her forehead, but no, those are some really large sunglasses. Having spent years setting trends and turning the outrageous into the mundane, Thembi wears exciting and flamboyant trends with the ease of brushing her teeth. We might not be keen to wear these sunglasses, but we’re happy that Thembi is still breaking fashion boundaries and isn’t afraid to ignore rules.

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