It’s 2019 and everything is recyclable – from containers and coffee cups to shopping bags and fashion everything gets more than one lease on life.

Vintage hand-me-downs are fashion’s answer to recycling. Giving pre-loved clothes a second chance at being stylish doesn’t have to feel or look like a chore. Here’s how to wear vintage clothes without looking old fashioned.

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Don’t be afraid to tailor the fashion to you

One of the tell-tale signs that you are wearing clothes originally meant for someone else is that they just don’t fit right. Although the oversized look is definitely in, ill-fitting clothes are not a trend.

Tailoring your vintage finds or hand-me-downs can go a long way in changing how they fit on you and how good you look in them.

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vintage fashion
Photo by from Pexels

Mix things up and don’t look like a charity shop exploded on you

Mixing up your vintage finds with trendy current fashion brings you into the present and stops your look from becoming a complete throwback. Combining clothes also gives you an opportunity to personalise your look and put together outfits that express your style and not just trends from a bygone era.

vintage clothes
Photo by Bianca from Pexels

Get a history lesson

Your clothes, your rules – and you can wear them however you like, but knowing what the clothes were meant to look like when they were made can give you some idea of how to fit your vintage finds into a stylish modern outfit. Looking through some pictures of vintage fashion can also give you style ideas you can recreate with your own modern clothing.

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vintage clothes
Photo by from Pexels

Own your look

Recreating looks and mixing up vintage fashion and current trends are all good and well, but what does it say about your personal style? Just like when you go shopping for regular clothes, when you’re choosing vintage clothes consider how they fit into your style, tastes and current wardrobe. No matter how much you love something, there’s no point in buying it if you won’t be able to wear it with anything else!

vintage clothes
Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels