According to a hypnotherapy expert, we could all use hypnosis, including self-hypnosis, to help us improve our health and well-being…

If you’ve ever been to a hypnotist show, you may have come to view hypnotism as a rather dark form of entertainment in which a hypnotist makes regular people look like fools for the pleasure of an audience.

While this is one side of hypnotism, hypnotherapy couldn’t be further from it and can be used to help people relax, deal with phobias and provide pain relief.

In the featured video Dr Thomas Wolf, president of the German Hypnodontics Society, explains how hypnotherapy works and when it’s useful.

Dr Wolf, who researches the clinical applications of hypnosis at the University of Bern, says hypnosis puts people into a state of focused attention that goes from outside to the inner feeling of the patient.

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