A fully stocked DIY mani kit will make those at-home manis and pedis oh-so easy!

We don’t know about you, but there’s something about having a great manicure and pedicure that makes us feel like we’re ready to tackle even the toughest coffeeless Monday.

There’s just something about having your nails on fleek (hey, if your eyebrows can be on fleek, we’re sure your nails can, too!) that makes you feel put together, accomplished and fabulous – even more so when said mani was a DIY job. While we’re all for treating ourselves to a salon spoil, a DIY mani or pedi is seriously simple when you have the right tools, so get yourself prepared and ready for some pamper time by making sure your DIY mani kit is fully stocked…

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These are the tools everyone should have in their DIY mani and pedi kit

A decent pair of nail clippers or scissors

We know this is one of those grudge purchases, but using those nail clippers you got in your Christmas cracker is the first and biggest mistake many make. A bad set of clippers or scissors will not only make trimming your nails nearly impossible, but will damage them, as you’ll most probably end up tearing your nails. So, go on, put on your big girl pants and make the purchase.

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We recommend this fab Tweezerman pair.

Nail file

Next up, you’re going to need to file those talons into the shape of your choice (find out which shape is best for you here) and get rid of any sharp edges – unless you plan on using them as weapons, that is. The good news is that cheap nail files work perfectly; you just need to be sure to replace them when they get worn.

Nail buffer

When you get your nails done at a salon, you’ll notice that they use another tool that almost looks like a nail file, but gets rubbed back and forth over your nail. This is a buffer. It smooths your nails, getting rid of those bumpy grooves, allowing the nail polish to stay on longer. This is an essential step in getting a lasting mani.

Cuticle clipper and pusher

Is it really necessary to push back and clip your cuticles? Why yes, yes it is! Keeping your cuticles under control is key to not only a lasting manicure, but also to healthy nails. Clip away that dead, dry skin before it tears off – we’ve all been there and it’s pretty darn painful – and then push back those cuticles. This should be done regularly.

Try this cuticle clipper from Clicks.

Cuticle cream or oil

Make the previous step easier by treating your cuticles regularly in order to prevent them from getting hard and dry. Think of this as targeted hand cream. Moisturised cuticles are far healthier (and more pleasant to look at) than those dried out, dead ones!

A base and top coat

The key to a longer-lasting mani (other than correct nail prep) is using a base coat and a top coat. Every. Time. Both of these products are designed to stay put and keep your nail colour in place for as long as possible, and they generally also contain extra goodies to keep your nails healthy, so definitely don’t skip out on this step!

We love this OPI base coat from Zando.

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