Plan your ‘me’ day now

Craving a holiday? A ‘me time’ day off every once in a while is exactly what you need.

Don’t have time or money for a long weekend away? Take a ‘me’ day!

A day off during the week is the perfect way to recharge your batteries, focus on yourself, destress, and put things into perspective. You have no one to answer to, no errands to run, and nothing that needs your undivided attention.

Taking a day off that’s just for you is incredible for your health, and key to your sense of well-being.

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So go and put your leave day in, make arrangements if you need to, and treat yourself to a one day ‘staycation’ every few months. And don’t worry, the office won’t fall to pieces if you’re not there for a day!

7 ‘Me’ day ideas

Not sure what to do on your day off? Here are a few ‘me’ day ideas you might like to try…

  1. Watch a chick flick no one else wants to see.

  2. Sleep in or get up early and enjoy a leisurely cup of tea.

  3. Rent a few movies and park off on the couch for the day.

  4. Take a drive and explore your surroundings.

  5. Visit the museum, a coffee shop, an art gallery, or the park.

  6. Book a neck and shoulder massage.

  7. Go shopping, even if it’s just to window shop.

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Source: MindBodyGreen