Shiny taps make any kitchen or bathroom look great. It’s  often one of those cleaning tasks we tend to forget, however…

If your bathroom taps are looking a little dull, don’t run out and buy new fittings just yet! Try a little TLC first…

Wipe them down

Raise your hand if you tend to wipe the sink and not the taps! A quick wipe every time you clean will keep most taps looking great.

Be sure to wipe well around the base of the tap where scum and residue nestle, too.

You can use an old toothbrush for the job. Plain vinegar on a damp cloth not only cuts through soap scum but will restore some shine too. Avoid watermarks by buffing with a dry cloth afterwards.

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Sparkle up

Still looking grimy? Brass or gold-finish taps will need a special cleaner, but stainless steel can be brought to a new shine with plain old toothpaste.

Be sure to use a plain, white version, and buff in a gentle circle with a microfiber cloth. Rinse well, of course!

You can also rub with dry flour, too, as it is non-abrasive but will rejuvenate the surface. Finish off with a drop – and we mean a drop – of baby oil buffed in for added sparkle. It will prevent fingerprints and oil build-up, too!.

With the taps brought back to a gorgeous sparkle, your next bubble bath will feel like a day at the spa.