It’s a good thing a fresh coat of paint looks so great… because the actual painting process can be annoying. Not so with these extra tips, though!

Use the right type of paint

Paint types can be confusing, but the sort you use does matter. Not only will some top coats only work with specific base coats, but some areas need special paint types to prevent peeling.

It’s worth doing your homework, though – no one wants to have to redo the same area later. As a rough rule of thumb, use enamel on wood or damp areas (like bathrooms) and acrylic for plaster walling. Most hardware places are happy to help with extra advice, too.

Do be sure to spend a moment to consider your finish – from matte eggshell to gloss, there’s a lot of final looks, and you want to be happy with your work.

Do the prep

Ugh? Do you really need to tape windows, remove fittings and sugar-soap the old wall? Yes! While it takes a few extra hours now, you’ll be glad you did when you have an immaculate, spill-free job that looks great and lasts forever.

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Buy enough paint

To work out the surface area of paint you need, measure the height of your walls. Then multiply that by the length of the walls you’re painting. This will give you a figure in metres squared.

The back of the paint can will let you know what coverage to expect from the brand and type. Always buy enough for the whole job – especially if you’re tinting the paint. That way, you won’t be running around late on Sunday trying to find a matching can to finish up!

A new paint job is the simplest trick to a new-look home… and  now it needn’t be a traumatic process.