Chores… who wants to do them? No one! But with these 3 simple strategies, you’ll soon be freeing up time for better things…

Skip the iron (the right way)

If you don’t have the luxury of a wrinkle-free wardrobe, that doesn’t mean you need to spend your whole weekend ironing!

Get into the habit of hanging your wrinkle-prone cotton clothing immediately. Take them straight out the washer, ‘snap’ them out straight while wet, dry it on a hanger so they hang correctly, and cut your wrinkle burden in half.

And if you just need to refresh an already worn shirt, or beat a few wrinkles, skip the ironing board. Toss the item in the dryer with a few ice cubes and run for 10-20 minutes – the garment will come out looking fresh and ready to wear.

Take it out and hang it up the second the dryer finishes, of course!

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Know how your cleaner works

Spray on, wipe off, right? Not always! TV ads tend to lie a little here. Most products need some time to penetrate grime. Instead of scrubbing madly, leave your product for about 5 minutes – dirt should then just wipe away. This goes especially if you use natural cleaners.

Family laundry

Beat laundry day and keep your sanity. Buy a hamper for colours, whites, and maybe even underwear or ‘difficult’ items like those wrinkle-prone shirts. That way, the family can pre-sort the laundry for you. Get them trained to check their own pockets, too!

And remember… not every item needs to be laundered after it’s worn once. Even most towels will be good for a few uses if you dry them off and don’t ball them in the middle of the floor to get stinky after bathtime.

Chores will never not be… well, chores. But with these three quick tips in play, the burden will be eased a little.