Do you struggle to manage your time in the mornings? Believe it or not, the state of your home- and the clutter around you – can actually have a profound effect on how efficiently other areas of your life run.

Use these quick chore-busting morning tips to tighten up your schedule and get that promotion at work ( and the kids to school on time too)…

Do your homework too

We’ve all heard the tip to lay out your morning clothes the night before, and maybe you do it. But don’t stop there! Lay out everything you need to make a rough morning smoother while you’re still perky and awake the evening before.

  • Coffee? Get the spoon, coffee and sugar canisters and your favourite cup waiting by the kettle. 
  • Kids? Have them lay out their uniforms ready to go. And they can spend five minutes putting toys back in their storage box too.
  • Pets to feed? Have a dedicated ‘feed bucket’ and scoop waiting with their bowls. 
  • Dogs to walk or a morning gym session to get in? Make sure the leashes or your gym bag are ready to grab. 

Tidy as you go

We promised we were making fewer chores, not more, but hear us out! Have you ever rolled home after a long day to feel your heart sink at the devastation? Ants crawling on the dirty counter? Beds in disarray? Endless chores to start? Hungry mouths to feed?

Now picture yourself coming home to a non-chaotic house, slipping on cosy PJs and firing up Netflix as a family instead. And it can be done, with only an extra 10 minutes in the morning! That’s one press of the snooze button.

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  • When you roll out of bed, snap the blankets straight. A made bed has been proven to be beneficial to our minds and sense of home! 
  • Put your makeup back in your caddy, wipe down the bathroom surfaces and squirt some Toilet Duck in the loo – two minutes tops. Hang wet towels to dry through the day so they don’t get stinky.
  • Wipe the kitchen counter free of crumbs, and pop dirty dishes in the sink/dishwasher- no more fun for pests while you’re gone!
  • Put the pet bowls back by the feeding bin – ready to go in the evening.
  • Consider meal prep over the weekend and freezing meals if you’re not in the mood to face a long spell in the kitchen every evening.

While the snooze button is tempting on cold winter mornings, rather give yourself a little extra time and set your alarm 10 minutes early. Time to breathe (and sort the house) will be invaluable to your mental wellbeing – and your home will stay clean and tidy for unexpected visitors too!