No matter how carefully managed (and luxuriously arranged) your wardrobe is, moths and silverfish can be a menace.

No one wants to pull out their special evening wear or heirloom blanket and find a pesky pest has left it in tatters! Yet the overpowering smell of naphthalene mothballs can be just as off-putting to wear all day.

What’s a smart cookie to do? Here’s our top tip…

Notorious closet pests can be deterred naturally, without the need for stinky mothballs.

Cedarwood is a particularly notorious bug-zapper, as is camphor wood and eucalyptus

This is why you often see these three kinds of wood used in vintage furniture items designed for storage, like old blanket and linen chests.

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You can hang blocks of cedarwood interspersed with your clothes to ward off moths, or opt for chips or balls of the wood hung in a cotton or mesh bag.

Toss them in the linen cupboard too. Top them up once a year with a few dabs of matching essential oil, and your closet will stay free of pests and smelling great!