If the KonMari approach seems daunting, join our weekly slow declutter challenge to get rid of just 10 things a week, starting in the kitchen…

Recently we looked at ways to give your kitchen an affordable update with decluttering and deep cleaning being the first step.

If you found this to be a stumbling block, here are 10 things you can look for in your kitchen today to help start your decluttering process…

  1. Recipe books you don’t use – If you haven’t used a recipe book in over a year, you probably never will. Donate it to your local library and let others benefit from it.
  2. Tired tea towels.
  3. Stove plate covers you haven’t used in years
  4. Anything chipped or cracked.
  5. Plastic storage containers without lids and lids without storage container bottoms.
  6. Appliances that you haven’t used in over a year – They probably don’t reflect your lifestyle anymore and it’s time to make a change so, goodbye waffle maker and hello Nutribullet.
  7. Anything gifted that you have never used, like a kitch set of salt-and-pepper shakers.
  8. Bottles of herbs and spices you haven’t used in months.
  9. Flavoured teas you like the sound of but never drink.
  10. Saved sweet and biscuit tins that you think you may use but never do.

5 Fast ways to give your kitchen a facelift

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