Winter keeps most bugs at bay. With the longest night now past, however, it’s time to think about bug-proofing your home for the coming spring without over-using chemical sprays…

A clean home is a bug-free home. Make sure spills, crumbs, non-eaten food and other items are packed away timeously. Secure tempting treats like sugar, flour or honey in secure jars too.

If you find the current ant explosion is driving you nuts, skip the ‘Blue Death’. While effective, this powder is a risk to kids and pets alike. Spritz visible ants with soapy water, and use talcum powder, cinnamon or cayenne pepper to create physical barriers they won’t cross.

When you’re planning your summer garden, consider adding some mint, citronella or bay plants to the list. Plant these around your windows in window boxes, and add some to the entertainment area too. Flies and other creepy-crawlies hate the smell!

You can make your own chemical-free bug spray with a few drops of each essential oil in a spray bottle, too.

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Managing pests with organic solutions is a great way to cut down on the use of chemicals around the home.