If you’ve got a little one on the way, you’re free to live life pretty normally as long as you are careful with your changing body. There are a few household chores it’s best to enlist help with, however…

Moving heavy items

With nesting instincts in full swing, you may get tempted to start redecorating. Save the big furniture moving for someone else, however! Not only will your balance be a little off with the extra bulk of a baby bump, but your joints are currently more flexible too. You can easily injure yourself or lose your balance. Try and limit work that needs you to stretch, twist and bend too. Baby will be fine, but you could easily hurt yourself.

Spraying control chemicals

From the bug spray in the kitchen to the weed killer in the garden, it’s time to recruit some help. Most ‘in-home’ pesticides and herbicides are actually perfectly safe to use and low toxicity, but it’s still safer to leave the job to someone else.

Animal waste

Time to farm this grungy task out to the rest of the house! Pregnant women should avoid handling kitty’s litter box as a precaution during pregnancy. It’s one avenue toxoplasmosis can spread through. It doesn’t affect adults at all, but can hurt a developing fetus. And it’s not safe (or gainly) to be scooping dog doo-doo in the garden, either.

We’re sure you won’t be sad to say goodbye to these tasks anyway. Kick back, relax, and let the rest of the family help you out. You have the perfect excuse!

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