With companies retrenching employees in droves, DJ Euphonik is here to offer some advice to potential job seekers who may be out of work in the next few weeks

It’s made for some grim reading over the past few weeks but a number of South Africa’s biggest firms have announced that they are retrenching their employees after realising they are unable to afford to keep chunks of their workforce. In fact, at the time of writing, state-owned aerospace and military tech company, Denel, has admitted that they will not be able to pay their employees for the month of June.

This comes shortly after the news that other large companies such as Multichoice, Eskom, Nedbank and many others will be laying off staff this year.

If you’re a permanently employed professional relying on a salary to make a living, these are deeply worrying times.

However, it is often said that even in the darkest times, a glimmer of hope can appear if you are open to it.

With the retrenchment news doing the rounds on social media for most of this month, Euphonik did his bit to offer hope to anybody who has already lost (or is at risk of losing) their job, by proposing an alternative reality

With massive corporations closing their doors, Euphonik believes that entrepreneurial ventures will be the key to saving the South African economy.

There were plenty who quickly dissected Euphonik’s suggestion. After all, it’s easy for him to tell us to start our own business when he’s a multimillion-rand-earning DJ and property investor.

Some reminded him that there are certain obstacles that stand in the way of the average joe/jane. To which he said:

Others made the point that not all of us could be entrepreneurs. Once again, the DJ corrected his followers:

With the looming threat of retrenchment from full-time work, many more South Africans appear to be leaning towards more flexible means of employment.

Euphonik’s suggestion is one route but according to reports, more and more South Africans are leaning towards freelance work as the “gig economy” looks to fill the unemployment gap

Have you or has someone you know faced retrenchment in the last few weeks? If so, do you think the advice of Euphonik and others is the way forward?

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