If you’re looking for a reason to change your hair, this is it right here!

A change in seasons is the perfect excuse to change up your hair. But deciding which style to go with can be difficult! These are going to be the hottest winter hairstyles and trends in 2019 (and probably beyond!).

Grown-up topknots

I know a good few people that will shudder as they read this, but the good old topknot has repositioned itself as a more than acceptable hairstyle – even in corporate environments.

It shouldn’t be a ballerina bun (we beg you), but instead a somewhat messy, slightly disheveled pineapple on top of your head. As with real estate, location is important – it should really be ON your head and not hanging towards the back in any way.

If you struggle with the messy aspect, make a pony first and then loosely and irregularly wrap your hair into a bun. My best topknots happen when I’m not really trying, as Murphy would have it.

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The top-heavy pixie cut

If you’ve always wanted to go short, this might be the ideal solution. Hair is cut in a traditional pixie style, but the top is left longer. This leaves a lot of room for different styling options (volumise, blowdry, curl, tease, part – whatever you want) and the added length plays well with ethnic and thicker hair types.

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Scandi blonde

The Scandi trend has hit the world hard in terms of decor – I’ve been ogling over crisp, clean designs in grey, white, glass and wood for a good five years myself.

Overall, Scandinavian aesthetic refers to clean, simple and beautiful elements coming together. Convert that into blonde hair speak and the goal is pure white. Not platinum, not grey, but pure pearlescent white. It looks extremely striking on fair skin colours with cool or neutral undertones.

If you want to go this route it’s vital to do it professionally, and be prepared to work your way there over the course of several sessions. And of course, you’ll also have to deal with regrowth…


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Ice bomb! 💣❄️ Bright healthy platinum thanks to @olaplexau and @lakmecolour created by @hairbynikkio

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The blowdry is back

It appears that the good, old-fashioned blowdry is making a comeback. Remember that? When your hair stylist (or their assistant) spent 20-30 minutes meticulously blowdrying your hair and the result would be magnificently bouncy hair. The type of volume and bounce that makes it clear that you’ve just been to the salon if you happen to pop into the shop afterwards.

After years of waves and straightening, the humble blowdry is back in demand. I’m looking forward to my next salon visit (I have two left hands with regards to home blow-dries) and to spotting more bouncy blow-dries on the street.


The jawline bob

What would a hair trend list be without some variation of a bob, right? This season’s bob is bluntly cut on the jawline, and often goes with a curtain fringe – a medium length fringe that’s parted in the middle. It’s not my favourite bob if I’m being honest, but I think it looks great if your overall look is very modern and trendy.

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