While having six-pack abs is not necessarily everyone’s deepest desire, most of us want to look great in our clothing…

Loose-fitting clothing actually makes us look ‘bigger’ than we really are, but many of us are afraid of wearing tighter fits in case our ‘muffin tops’ poke out over our belt lines. While there are some great tummy-tucking underwear solutions out there, a more permanent solution would be to trim the tummy, and get rid of excess fat. This doesn’t have to require extreme surgery and an enormous budget!

Here are some constructive ways to eat and train your body towards a better shape, and as a bonus, get stronger too.

1. Get rid of bloating

Most people go through life heavily bloated in their midsection, and don’t even realise it. Inflammation in the body is a reaction to something the body doesn’t like to have to accommodate – in humans this usually means a food to which you are intolerant.

Your body retains water and creates bloating to try to deal with this intolerance. If you think you may be bloated, take your waist measurement, and then do a 24-hour fast (you WILL NOT die).

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Thereafter, eat normally for a few days, but exclude wheat and dairy products (the most likely things to cause bloating), and see what happens to how you feel and look (and re-measure your waist). You may find you have been bloated for ages.



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