Four people accused of murdering a Milnerton pensioner shortly after he got home from church were denied bail in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Monday…

Magistrate Greg Jacobs said the four, two of whom are minors, had not said a word to establish their credibility during their bail application, opting to remain silent.

The case was held in camera.

Jacobs took to summarizing the details that emerged during their bail application.

The victim, identified as Peter O’Rourck by The Voice, had just returned to his home in Percival Street, Century City, from church, explained Jacobs.

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This was last December.

He then decided to repair something in the garage and while he was there, his wife and child, who were inside the house, heard a noise.

They became frightened and pressed a panic button and locked themselves in the house.

When police arrived, they said they found one of the accused standing close to the pensioner’s severely injured head, with a woman standing at his feet

While Jacobs was summarising the details of the bail application, one of the accused shivered so much his whole body shook as he kept his eyes trained on his shoes.

Jacobs went on to say that another person wearing a police reflective jacket was sitting in O’Rourck’s i10 Hyundai. Another was standing close to the garage. They allegedly had a toy gun on them.

“He had sellotape over his mouth,” said Jacobs of the pensioner in summing up some of the details presented during their application.

He was also tied up.

Although he was cut free and an ambulance had arrived, he died.

Jacobs said it had so far been established that the four had allegedly scoped out the house before and caught a taxi from Gugulethu to Percival Street.

He noted that since O’Rourck’s murder, some neighbours had been so shaken that they put their houses up for sale.

Jacobs said the accused had not shown compelling enough reasons to be released on bail, adding that the two minors would be kept in a special facility for minors.

The case continues on July 23.