If the thought of your face showing signs of ageing terrifies you, there are some extreme – and possibly crazy – things you can do in order to avoid getting wrinkles…

The ageing process is often one of the biggest hurdles for many people… some choose to embrace the inevitable (and look all kinds of incredible doing it, we might add!), others feel that there is nothing inevitable about it. Enter all those fabulous anti-ageing creams and no-more-wrinkles treatments; when used correctly, they really can make a huge difference and give you that youthful glow and smooth skin for longer than you thought.

But, for some, this is still not enough, and they are willing to try just about anything – and we mean anything – to avoid getting a wrinkle. Here are just some of the crazy remedies people have tried in order to avoid getting wrinkles…


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Turning on your poker face all day, everyday…

We’re all very aware that we get smile and frown lines, and while most tend to embrace these and the stories they tell, some decide to live an emotion-free life in the hopes that those lines and crow’s feet make zero appearance. In fact, a woman in the UK claims to not have smiled for 40 odd years to combat those wrinkles; that’s some extreme living!


Breast milk facials

So, if you’ve ever breast fed, you’ll probably be familiar with the amazing healing powers of that magic milk. Baby has a scratch? Put breast milk on it! Baby has an eye infection? Put milk on it! Baby has a rash? Put breast milk on it! Mommy breaking out? Put breast milk on it!

So, we guess it’s not the biggest stretch that people would turn to it for help with wrinkles and fine lines, but we’re not quite sure we’re up for soaking our face in breast milk from an unknown source… maybe keep this one for yourselves, mammas!

Urine facials

Right, so we have officially entered the world where anything goes. Urine therapy is an actual thing, with the belief being that urine contains a world of nutrients and minerals that aren’t used by the body that are great for the skin, and not just for keeping it looking young, but for fighting acne and eczema, too.

Apparently your first wee of the morning is the one to use since it’s the most concentrated one, and – thankfully – people seem to at least be sticking to their own… product. Other weird facials people try: bee venom, sheep placenta, blood (at least it’s your own), semen (we’re not quite sure whose they use!), snail mucus and bird poo. Sound appealing? Not to us…

Preventative botox

We all know what botox does, but it’s usually used once the fine lines and wrinkles are in place to fill them out. However, it’s now sometimes thought that it should be used before the wrinkles form as a preventative measure; so you’re essentially injecting the areas that usually get wrinkles. Be warned, though: some medical professionals feel this could lead to muscle loss in the area, which will ultimately cause way more wrinkles than would have formed originally. Eek!

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