Since you are making the room for your kids, why not involve them in the process?

A child’s bedroom is their safe haven. It is their personal area and children will spend a lot of time in their room. They will use their room for sleep, play, and work throughout their life. It can be intimidating to make a new room from scratch, but don’t be afraid to be creative and bold. Just remember that the room will need to age with your child, it must be tough enough to last through whatever a kid can throw at it, and above all, it needs to be functional.

Let’s explore some effective suggestions for how to optimise the process of decorating your child’s bedroom with their help:

Involve your kids

Since you are making the room for your kids, why not involve your kids in the process? They don’t have to pick every detail, but giving them just a little bit of input helps them feel that the room is truly their own.

If your child has a say in their room design, they are less likely to want to change it anytime soon. Of course, you will have to change from a cot to a kids’ bed, and to a full bed for a teen, but the doesn’t mean that you have to redo the room every year.

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Having your kids involved doesn’t just stop at the ideas stage. Let them choose between a few paint colours that you’ve selected or let them decide which of two beds they like. You can also involve your kids in the DIY projects if they are old enough. Dyeing curtains or other decorative fabrics is a good way to add colour to a room. Be sure to use natural dyes that are safe to be in the home.

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If your child has a say in their room design, they are less likely to want to change it anytime soon

Be flexible

Since children grow and change, avoid large furniture pieces that will age poorly. You might have a child who is really into trains now and a train shaped bed may seem like a cool idea. However, when that child ages, their interests will likely change and suddenly that train bed is no longer desirable. New, large furniture is expensive, so minimise the amount of spending you will need to do over the years. Instead, buy a general bed that can be customised with different sheets to suit your child’s interests as they change.

The same principle applies to wall coverings. Painting walls every few years is a lot of work, so try to find a good colour or pattern that will last awhile. Have wall coverings be a good backdrop to décor that will age up with your kids.

A good substitute for changing paint is changing wall decals. These peel-and-stick decals are a great way to change the décor of a room without much effort. Let your kids pick out what decals they want and where they want them stuck. Thankfully, decals come in every theme imaginable, so there will be no shortage of options.


Storage is important for kids of any age. Toys need a place to be put away to avoid them being scattered around the floor and house. As kids get older, they will need a place to store books or collectibles. Bins and shelves are classic ways to add storage to a room with little hassle. There are even creative storage solutions that serve multiple functions. Toy chests can turn into desks and low bookcases can even become seats. Make the most out of every inch of the room by being creative.

Setting up a kids’ room can be stressful. There are infinite options and possibilities, but narrowing down your goal makes it easy. Ask for your kid’s input and let them make some decisions. Have them help you with the DIY portions of the project if they are able. Choose a design that will last a few years. This includes paint colour and furniture. Add smaller customised elements to make the room feel unique to your child. Always remember to make the space function with plenty of storage and utility. Combine all these elements and you will have a perfect child’s room on your hands for years to come!

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