Even though you might not participate in formal gym or sport activities, itâ??s still good for your general health to increase your lung capacity. Here are some useful exercises that, if practised regularly, will help you to increase your lung capacity.
1.  Breathe deeply

  • Be sure to practise deep breathing in order to maximize your lung capacity and take in more air with each breath.

  • Exhale completely. Don’t let any air linger in your lungs. This allows you to inhale more air on the next breath.

  • Allow your diaphragm to descend by keeping your abdominal muscles relaxed. Your abdomen will expand as your diaphragm descends, making more room around your lungs, and allowing them to fill with air.

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  • Widen your arms, holding them farther away from your body, to help open up your chest.

  • Inhale for two counts, and exhale for three counts. Maintain this ratio consistently.

2.  Create resistance

  • Breathe in normally through your nose. Take deep breaths.

  • Breathe out through your mouth with your lips still close together. â??Smell the roses and make the candle-flame flickerâ?. Try and do this as often as possible. It allows you to hold air longer in order to stretch your lung capacity.

3.  Breathe in more than your brain thinks you can

  • For eight counts, breathe in until your lungs are totally full.

  • For the next eight to sixteen counts, take small sips of air. Feel your belly expanding. You shouldn’t feel your shoulders moving.

  • Hold your breath for a few seconds and release forcefully.

4.  Exercise in water

  • Develop a normal stretching and weight lifting routine out of the water. Practise this routine for a few days until you are comfortable with it and then take to the water.

  • Submerge yourself up to your neck, and do the exercises while in the water. Due to the blood shifting into your chest cavity and the compression on your body, you will have to take shorter, quicker breaths. If you exercise regularly in this manner, your respiratory system will become more efficient â?? thereby increasing your lung capacity.

  • Swim

5.  Play a wind instrument or sing to increase your lung capacity

  • Learn how to play a woodwind or brass instrument such as a trumpet, clarinet, or flute. This activity will help you control breathing and expand your lung capacity.

  • Play in a marching band. This activity requires good lung capacity in order to move and play at the same time.

  • Learning to sing will also increase your lung capacity.

6.  Participate in rigorous cardiovascular activities
Try aerobics, cycling, or running. However, swimming is the best sport to improve on your cardiovascular fitness and lung capacity. At their peak, swimmers’ lungs will use oxygen three times more efficiently than an average person.
7.  Breathing and stretching

  • Breathing and stretching will help to increase your lung capacity and help you to lose weight. Your energy level will increase when you start eating healthily and drinking more water.

  • You can easily breathe and stretch to increase your lung capacity while driving, sitting in the office, watching television, playing video games, doing paperwork, or at the desk at school.


  • Avoid smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke. Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is still a form of inhaling smoke and can decrease you lung capacity

  • Consult your doctor or physician before starting on any exercise plan.

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