The way many of us search for love has changed drastically over the past decade

Online dating has changed the game, so it’s now socially acceptable to chat with a stranger on social media instead of asking them out for a coffee and getting to know them in person.

The difference in how we date

Today, it’s common to check someone out online before meeting them. Technology makes personal information much more accessible, and the number of adults who use dating apps has tripled over the past few years. This surge in Internet dating has significantly impacted the way that people date.

For instance, people now worry about how long they should wait before they return a message. Before smartphones existed, people suggested that waiting two days before calling someone after a date is appropriate. For online dating, that two-day waiting rule doesn’t apply. In fact, men who waited two days to reply to their matches only averaged a 45% response rate, whereas men who replied instantly earned a 63% response rate.

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Romance driven by data

Our data-driven culture has also started shaping our dating lives. People now focus on lists of attractive qualities, and some individuals spreadsheet their likes and dislikes during dates. Filters help dating app users create groups of potential matches based on specific criteria.

This data-driven approach turns dating into a shopping experience, and that isn’t a good thing when you’re trying to find a partner. Our dating culture manages to objectify others and doesn’t emphasize building a real relationship with someone. Zoosk revealed that those who use filters receive fewer replies, while users who don’t, share deeper conversations with their matches.

Furthermore, people give up on relationships more quickly now than ever before. Some people may not schedule a second date with someone simply because they don’t like their date’s hairstyle. We discard potential matches the same way that we discard handbags or dresses, and that’s not OK.

Dating apps undeniably provide us with a golden opportunity to find true love, but they also have negative effects

The changing attitude towards relationships

Technology doesn’t only provide more access to potential partners. It also allows people to easily indulge their fantasies. Technology removes everything that previously restricted people from finding a potential mate, so dating has become more convenient, less time-consuming, and more portable.

Thanks to global dating websites, people now see that many types of relationship are possible. However, people must also realise that successful relationships have nothing to do with how popular your profile is. Only your own attitude towards love matters.

The sad part is that most people have adopted a lazy attitude towards relationships because dating websites view relationships as a hobby or sport instead of a long-term commitment. People see committed relationships as disposable and unnecessary to their ultimate happiness.

In fact, many millennials are much more willing to jump into bed with someone than to tie the knot.

Always another fish in the sea

Before technology changed our lives completely, most people found potential dates through social circles, work acquaintances, or blind dates. However, dating apps now provide instant access to thousands of possible matches merely with the swipe of a finger.

Dating apps undeniably provide us with a golden opportunity to find true love, but they also have negative effects. Many people now date anyone who seems physically attractive, then emotionally burn themselves out. Most young adults don’t allow themselves enough time to heal between relationships. Dating apps easily allow everyone to jump from one relationship to another without ever experiencing the reality of single life.

Technology may provide easier access to potential love interests nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that our relationships will be more successful. The biggest challenge most millennials face is committing to one partner for life. At the end of the day, data-driven romance appears to leave many empty-handed and unsatisfied. So take your heart off Tinder and into the ‘real world’ – you’re sure to meet your perfect match!

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This article was first published on Unwritten.