If you want to keep the number of calories that you take in from beverages down, consider avoiding too much alcohol

Here are some ideas on how you can cut down on your intake of alcohol.

Take yourself out of rounds

Choose not to be a part of rounds when out with family and friends. This could save you from many glasses of alcohol. Remember that the larger the group of friends, the more drinks you will consume. It will be a good idea to buy your own drinks when out in larger numbers.

Have water in between

Having a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages will keep your calorie intake lower as opposed to having one alcoholic drink after the next. It can also help to keep you sober and prevent dehydration.

Know your limit

Know your limit or if you do not have one currently, then set yourself one. This can help you control just how much alcohol you consume daily or weekly.

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Volunteer to be the ‘designated driver’

Being the designated driver means that you can only consume a very limited amount of alcohol, in order to be able to drive yourself and others home. This amount is determined by the government of the country in which you reside.

It is very dangerous to drive while intoxicated as you will place your life, as well as that of other people, in danger. If you are caught behind the wheel of a car when you have consumed more than this limit, you will face serious consequences.

Volunteer to be the designated driver when out with friends. This will help you to ensure that you do not consume more than you are legally allowed to as a driver.

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