Living in South Africa is not easy. With the high crime rate, escalating inflation, and unpredictable water and electricity management, things are tough

But one thing that gets us through the difficult times is our collective sense of humour.

If anything bad happens, rest assured that South Africans will be able to cheer you up with a series of well-timed memes.

2019 has not disappointed in this regard and we are here with some of the best memes of the year so far…


Poor Mabena wants to serve his country but he just can’t keep up the pace.

Now, anybody who appears to lack the necessary requirements for their job is being referred to as ‘a Mabena’. Imagine!

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Sjava the taxi marshall

Sjava’s outfit at the SAMAs was meant to be a nod to the simple fashion of our forefathers.

Instead it turned him into a meme as many compared him to a taxi marshall.

X-rated hot cross buns

Around Easter time we all feared that we would be spending a night behind bars if we decided to drive after enjoying one too many hot cross buns.