The Little Things That Make a Big Difference’ is an article series outlining weight loss and diet interventions that may seem insignificant, but can make a huge difference to the success of your diet plan.

Take the stress out of your diet

I’m going to take a flying guess here, and say that you probably have a stressful life, right? What makes my guess amazing is that I know I’m right, and I’m writing to an audience I know nothing about.

But the reason I can be confident in your answering ‘yes’ to my guess is that I can’t think of ANYONE on earth right now who doesn’t have a measure of stress in their daily life, and the stress each of us deals with feels like a lot, purely because that’s what stress does. And remember, stress is not good for weight loss.

So what if I said that your desperation to lose weight is going to result in even more stress?

Does that seem like something you’d be keen to pursue? I thought not. You don’t want your life to get more stressful, especially when you probably currently see food as one place you can get relief from your stressful situation.

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That’s why it’s important not to try to follow a diet that adds unnecessary stress to your life. If you are trying to do a diet that has you running from pillar to post to find fancy foods, or taking a list of pills longer than your arm, or trying to find time to exercise three times per day, then you’re not going to be doing it for very long. And that’s a big problem because an effective diet and weightloss plan takes TIME.



To decrease stress over dieting, you need a SIMPLE DIET you can do on autopilot

An eating plan you can prepare easily, and follow without too much legwork. No diet is going to be totally effort-free, so you’ll have to do some prep and planning, but your life does not have to revolve around it.

Don’t make your diet one of your life’s stressors. You’ve got enough to think about already.

Do some research, and if you have to, consult a professional who will be able to put together a minimal-stress plan that fits in with your current schedule and responsibilities.


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