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Did you know?

1. On average, we spend two weeks out of our lifetime kissing

Thatâ??s three hundred and thirty six hours of lip service!

2. Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two lip impressions are the same

Studies shows that lip prints are unique for every person out there.

3. To pucker up for a kiss, you use 34 facial muscles

As well as 112 postural muscles â?? itâ??s a full body exercise!

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4. Kissing can boost your immune system

A smooch a day can keep the doctor away. One peck can contain up to 278 different bacteria, but luckily, 95% of those bacteria are not dangerous.

5. Making out makes up for meditation

Kissing produces the same relaxation effects as a yoga class or meditation. Regular kissers shows significant decreases in levels of stress and not surprisingly, they also show improvement in their level of relationship satisfaction with their significant other. Andâ?¦ exhaleâ?¦

6. Most people are right-headed kissers

Smooth smooching requires that heads tilt just so, to allow ample space for locking lips without noses clashing. Research shows that 80% of kissing couples turned to the right.

7. Kissing can seal the deal â?? or be the kiss of death

Good or bad teeth, breath, mouth taste and kissing skill all play a role in determining whether to kiss someone, or to continue kissing someone. Women are pickier than men, with 66% reporting that a bad first kiss could be a definite turn-off, compared with 59% of men.

8. Partners who kiss each other goodbye live longer than those who donâ??t

So remember to peck your partner before heading out the door!

9. Kissing keeps you slim

A quick romantic kiss burns about three calories, while a more passionate kiss burns five or more calories, depending on the duration and intimacy of the kiss.

10. That fleshy bump in the middle of your top lip has a name

In fact, that fleshy bump has a few names, including procheilion, labial tubercle, or tuberculum labii superioris. Now thatâ??s a mouthfulâ?¦

So what makes for a confident kisser?

A sexy, soft, bee-stung pout, of course. More and more women (and men) are turning to aesthetic medicine as a fast track to beautifully full lips, perfectly designed for lip locking. The latest innovations in lip treatments from Allergan deliver a smooth, natural look and feel, with satisfying and long-lasting results. For further information visit

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